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Tres Pescadores was originally formed in 1999 for the sole purpose of re-releasing the 1986 classic by Chris Gaffney and The Cold Hard Facts entitled "Road to Indio".  This recording was released on vinyl only and the original production run was long gone.  We decided, since "Road to Indio" only had seven songs, that we needed to add a couple.  So we went down to The Swallows Inn in San Juan Capistrano, California, where Chris and the Facts were playing for the weekend.  We recorded two days' worth of music consisting of three or four sets each day and wound up with over 80 songs!  There was so much good stuff there that we couldn't pare it down to two or three songs to pad "Road to Indio" so we decided to make our first release a two-disc set.  Of course, with that decision, our budget went in the tank, where it remains to this day.

So we had a two-disc set full of awesome tunes which we called "Live and Then Some".  However, recording a great CD has proven to be the easy part of the music industry - about which we, as pescadores, knew nothing.  So we got a list of reviewers and radio stations from Miles of Music and mailed out a bunch of promos.  Miles of Music started selling our CD's for us and remained a great support until their ultimate demise.  Village Records in Shawnee Mission, Kansas, has also been a great help and, although the two are direct competitors, they both need to be mentioned because we owe them both a lot.  Phone calls, letter writing and e-mail got us a little more exposure and the disc is now available pretty much worldwide on the internet.  However, general distribution remains an elusive goal.

We enjoyed some success with "Live and Then Some" so decided to support another band which was an off-shoot of Gaffney's Cold Hard Facts.  $1000 Wedding grew out of the friendship of Gaffney producer and keyboardist Wyman Reese and L.A. are singer/songwriter Tracy Huffman. They spent a lot of time at Dave Pearlman's Rotund Rascal studio and recorded "Nadine's Probably Right".  This recording proved to be a critic's favorite but has been difficult to market given the relative obscurity of the band and their subsequent dissolution.  We keep plugging away, though, because it is truly a great CD.  (You ought to get one.)

Although we were completely broke by this time, we decided that the best way to regain our financial status was to keep going.  We met with former Cold Hard Fact and current Guilty Man Rick Shea at Rockin' Taco in Fullerton, California, and, over beer and tacos, discussed a new project. Rick had been talking with long-time associate Brantley Kearns about recording an all acoustic CD of some of their favorite tunes and some originals. So they grabbed Dave Alvin, James Cruce, David Jackson and Chris Gaffney and spent a couple of weeks with Paul du Gre' in his studio and recorded "Trouble and Me", which became our most recent release.

We keep plugging along and now have released nine CD's counting Rick Shea's newest. We hope some day to climb out of our perpetually broke condition and make a little money. Tres Pescadores Records has, over the years in support of local music and musicians, really put its money where its mouth is!


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