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$1000 Wedding


Gaffney sidemen Wyman Reese (keyboards, guitars, production, Miller Lite) and John Senne (drums, percussion, vocals) teamed up with singer/songwriter Tracy Huffman and cranked out a fabulous little gem called "Nadine's Probably Right".  The title came about after $1000 Wedding opened for Chris Gaffney at The Blue Cafe in Long Beach, CA.  Nadine was in attendance to see the Gaff and couldn't believe that The Blue Cafe would clutter up the stage with a band like $1000 Wedding prior to Gaff's performance.  She let the management know of her displeasure and it was passed on to the band.  Out of either anger or humor, not sure which, a song by Wyman and a song by Tracy were written and a CD was launched.

It seems that $1000 Wedding has gone the way of the phoenix.  It has disappeared as a band but there are already rumors of a new band rising from the ashes.  Strange, as it hasn't been anywhere near 500 years but we'll wait and see what happens.  The photo above is a previous version of $1000 Wedding which included Rick Shea (foreground) and Greg Gaffney (with cap).  Tracy Huffman is center stage and Wyman is in the rear.  It is the only photo of $1000 Wedding that we have ever seen. They are, in short, a riddle, shrouded in mystery, wrapped in an enema.

      Tracy Huffman is the singer and major song contributor for $1000 Wedding, although all band members were involved in the songwriting efforts on "Nadine's Probably Right".  He has played with Randy Weeks of The Lonesome Strangers, Wylie and The Wild West, Gary Allen, Kevin Banford and many others.  Currently, he is joining another local singer/songwriter, Dan Janisch, in a band called Mule.

Wyman Reese appears on keyboards and guitar.  He has been a member of Gaffney's Cold Hard Facts since shortly after the Korean Conflict.  He is also a producer of renown, with albums by Gaffney, The Lonesome Strangers, and this effort by $1000 Wedding on his list of credentials.

Brian Hall makes his home out in the Pomona Valley somewhere.  He performs the excellent lead guitar work on "Nadine's Probably Right".  He was formerly a member of Farmer Tan, but we don't know what happened to that band.

John Senne  

John Sleeger




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